About us

The team behind Dream, Book, and Travel - personalized itineraries in Vienna and Europe
Anca, Sinan, and baby Ilinca – the team behind Dream, Book, and Travel

We are Romanian/Turkish cultural family travelers who thoroughly enjoy their day jobs as Molecular Biologists as well as their hobby to create personalized itineraries in Vienna and Europe!

We have been living in Austria’s capital since 2009, a city we have made our home, but continue to discover unceasingly. Over the last ten years, we have spent most of our free time traveling and it is this experience we decided to share with you on this page. Our process usually starts with Anca stumbling upon a new destination in her readings, then passing on the info to Sinan over a glass of wine. Once we are both hooked, the dreaming part of the project starts – pouring over books, maps, websites, putting together our own personalized itinerary, collecting information. Finally, we take a couple of days to properly book and plan ahead. Then we travel, create unique memories in every place, and get back to Vienna to share our experiences with you. 

Our aim is to offer you personalized itineraries in Vienna and Europe, to bring you closer to your next destination and help make your trip more personal and more informed. We share with you our preferred culture addicts’ destinations, our past itineraries as a traveling couple, and the new experiences we make traveling as a family.

We are happy to provide you with step by step personalized guides to your next destination – which books to read, where and how to book, customized, off the beaten track travel itineraries. We do a thorough research on our destinations – best attractions, history, art, architecture, things to do/avoid, best places to eat and shop. Contact us for suggestions, we are happy to share our knowledge. You only have to do the dreaming. 

Our Collaborators

We met Irina in Vienna and from the first moment, we realized she is a perfect fit for Dream, Book, and Travel. Irina is simply in love with life, with everything that is beautiful and good about the world. Beyond her day job and activity as a fitness trainer, she travels extensively, cooks divinely, dances, and explores Vienna for the best coffee places and healthy food restaurants. We are happy she agreed to write about her adventures on our website, and share some of the positivity and sunny vibes she always exudes. 

What we do at Dream, Book, and Travel would not be possible without our hero behind the scenes who manages our website and makes it possible for you to read and reach us. You have to imagine Alex and his team at Webtenders as hard-working wizards who turn every single idea we have for Dream, Book, and Travel into reality.